Lana Del Rey
Writer(s) Jessie Mae Robinson
Producer(s) Dan Auerbach
Length 3:01
From Ultraviolence logo
Single(s) "West Coast"
"Black Beauty"
Promotional single(s) "Shades of Cool"
"Brooklyn Baby"
Ultraviolence track listing
"Black Beauty"

"The Other Woman" is a song written by Jessie Mae Robinson, popularized by Nina Simone and covered by Lana Del Rey. It was released on Del Rey's second major-label studio album Ultraviolence, and serves as the closing track for the standard edition of the album.


On March 19, 2011, Del Rey tweeted the lyrics of "The Other Woman" by Nina Simone, leading some fans to speculate whether the song will be a cover which it was later confirmed to be.


Credits Edit


  • Written by Jessie Mae Robinson.
  • Vocals by Lana Del Rey.
  • Produced by Dan Auerbach.
  • Engineered by Collin Dupuis.
  • Mixed by Robert Orton at Hot Rocks Studios.
  • Synthesizer by Dan Auerbach.
  • Drums by Nick Movshon.
  • Synthesizer, mellotron & saxophone by Leon Michaels.
  • Electric guitar by Kenny Vaughan.
  • Pedal steel by Russ Pahl.
  • Mastered by John Davis at Metropolis Studios, London.


The other woman finds time to manicure her nails
The other woman is perfect where her rival fails
And she's never seen with pin curls in her hair anywhere

The other woman enchants her clothes with French perfume
The other woman keeps fresh cut flowers in each room
There are never toys that's scattered everywhere

And when her old man comes to call
He finds her waiting like a lonesome queen
'Cause to be by her side
It's such a change from old routine

The other woman will always cry herself to sleep
The other woman will never have his love to keep
And as the years go by the other woman will spend her life alone


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