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Tropico (stylized as TROPICO) is a short film directed by Anthony Mandler, and starring Lana Del Rey and co-star actor, Shaun Ross, running at approximetaly 27 minutes. The film serves as a visual for "Body Electric", "Gods & Monsters" and "Bel Air" from the EP Paradise, set to an original story. It was premiered at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood on Decmeber 4, 2013, and was released the following day via Del Rey's official VEVO account. The film was described as "A tale of redemption told to the music of Body Electric, Gods & Monsters, Bel Air".


The film was first announced upon the release of the first music video for "Bel Air". When it was uploaded to Del Rey's YouTube channel on November 8, 2012, the video contained the following description:

"i lost my reputation, i forgot my truth. But i have my beauty and i have my youth. 'TROPICO' the film, coming next year"

Anthony Mandler was confirmed as the director of Tropico, making it his third video collaboration with Del Rey, his first two being "National Anthem" and "Ride". Shooting primarily took place in Chatsworth and Los Angeles. The film features actors who play Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Jesus Christ, (all of whom are mentioned in "Body Electric") after cast and crew members uploaded pictures to their personal instagrams.

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Tropico was released December 5, 2013, on VEVO and also as a digital EP on iTunes including the three featured songs and the film itself.

Tropico premiered in the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood on December 4, and a meet and greet was held by Del Rey for fans. On the night, Del Rey also revealed the name of her next record, Ultraviolence.


In the weeks leading up to the release of Tropico, Del Rey released two official teasers on her official YouTube channel as well as two official trailers, one released on her YouTube channel, and one on her VEVO channel. The first teaser shows Del Rey crouching on her knees and praying while wearing a blue dress and head dress, and the second teaser shows Del Rey and Shaun Ross together as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, and Jesus.

Starting July 27, 2013, Del Rey released the first of three official posters for Tropico. All of the posters were shot in the opening garden scene with the words "TROPICO" sprawled in capital letters somewhere across the poster. The first poster is shot in full black and white, and features Del Rey and the white serpent from the Garden of Eden in her hands, as it slithers around her shoulders. The second features both Del Rey and Ross together in the garden in a full-length body shot with the gold foil plants and trees surrounding them. The third and final poster was released in sepia tone. This shot sees Del Rey crouching on her knees on the ground in the the same outfit used in the first official teaser video.

Photoshoot by Chuck Grant

Commercial release

Digital release

Tropico was released as a digital EP on iTunes including the three songs feature in the film, as well as the film itself.

T iTunes Label: Polydor, Interscope
Format: Digital
Released: 6 December, 2013
Barcode: N/A
Photogaphy: Chuck Grant
Design: None
# Name Time
1. "Body Electric"   3:53
2. "Gods & Monsters"   3:57
3. "Bel Air"   3:57
4. "Tropico"   27:08


  • Lana Del Rey — Eve and Mary
  • Shaun Ross — Adam
  • Kevin Lee Wright — John Wanye
  • Lloyd Douglas — Elvis Presley
  • Jodi Fleischer — Marilyn Monroe
  • Stan — Jesus
  • Jeff Skora — Business man
  • Noel Schwab — Business man
  • Steve Carnaham — Business man
  • Andy Brosseau — Business man
  • Roger Rignack — Business man
  • Jan Freifeld — Business man
  • Richard Halverson — Business man
  • Colette — Summertime Girl
  • Bernadette — Summertime Girl
  • Alyssa Morgan — Summertime Girl
  • Trystin Schou — Summertime Girl
  • Brandon Knaff — Tweeker
  • Morgan Smith — Tweeker
  • Charlie Grant — Tweeker
  • Mark Doble — Tweeker
  • John Dane — Tweeker
  • Lawson Taylor — Tweeker
  • Simba — Tweeker


  • Writer — Lana Del Rey
  • Director — Anthony Mandler
  • Producer — Heather Heller
  • Production supervisor — Karl Reid
  • Cinematography — Dave Devlin
  • Editor — Jeff Selis
  • Telecine — Tom Poole
  • Music — Lana Del Rey, Daniel Heath, Tim Larcombe, Rick Nowels
  • Musical Score — Daniel Heath
  • Stylist — Johnny Blue Eyes
  • Hair Stylist — Anna Cofone
  • Make Up Artist — Pamela Cochrane
  • Managment — Ed Millett, Ben Mawson at TAP Managment

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