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Released 2007
Length 00:21:16
Producers Elizabeth Grant
EP Discography

No Kung Fu is a demo EP recorded by Lana Del Rey in 2007. Not much is known about the EP so far, only that it was sent around to find producers for Lana Del Ray. In the end, it lead to David Kahne taking up the project. All six of the tracks on the demo tape were leaked in 2012.


Due to lack of knowledge on the EP, there is little understanding of the background. The guitarist on the tracks remains uncredited. Only two songs from the demo tape did not make it to Del Rey's debut album, "Get Drunk" and "Jimmy Gnecco".

Track listing

The official track list has never been released, and for now remains simply in alphabetical order.

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "Brite Lites"  Elizabeth Grant 3:03
2. "Get Drunk"  Grant 4:28
3. "Jimmy Gnecco"  Grant 2:52
4. "Jump"  Grant 2:47
5. "Put Me In a Movie"  Grant 3:51
6. "Yayo"  Grant 4:18
Total length:

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