Nicole Bentley is an Australian freelance photographer. She photographed Lana Del Rey for the October 2012 issue of Vogue Australia.

Shoot #1 (Unknown, 2012) for Vogue magazineEdit

  1. Dress by Gucci, Earrings by Cerrone, Ring by Bulgari.
  2. Dress by Shakuhachi, Earrings by Cerrone, Bracelet Lana's own, Ring by Bulgari.
  3. Dress by Jil Sander, Ring by Bulgari, Bracelet Lana's own, Vintage watch by Rolex from L.G. Humphries.
  4. Jacket from Chanel, Earrings by Cerrone, Necklace and Rings Lana's own, Ring (on right hand) by Bulgari.
  5. Top and Skirt by Roland Mouret, Necklace and Bracelets Lana's own, Ring by Bulgari, Vintage watch by Rolex from L.G. Humphries.
  6. Dress and Shirt by Stella McCartney, Ring by Bulgari.

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