Naomi Shon is a fashion photographer from New York. Naomi and Lana Del Rey began working together in 2009 due to her friendship with Lana's younger sister, Chuck Grant. She shot the cover for "National Anthem" and has done various promotional shoots with Lana to promote Born to Die. The two are close friends.

Shoot #1 (December 12, 2009)Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

Shoot #2 (February 28, 2010)Edit

Shoot #3 (Unknown, 2010)Edit

Shoot #4 (December 18, 2010)Edit

  • Known as "Paris, Texas"

Behind the scenesEdit

Shoot #5 (February 8, 2011)Edit

Shoot #6 (February 23, 2011)Edit

Shoot #7 (November 11, 2011)Edit

Shoot #8 on-the-set of "National Anthem" (May, 2012)Edit

Media use Edit

Shoot #9 (July 26, 2014) Edit

  • Camera - Unknown
  • Location - Coney Island, New York


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