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Karim Sadli is a Paris-based photographer who did a photoshoot with Lana Del Rey in 2011 in London, England. It was published in an editorial in V Magazine on January, 2012.

Shoot #1 (Unknown, 2011)

  • Camera - Unknown
  • Location - Town Hall Hotel, London, England
  • Stylist - Jay Massacret
  • Stylist assistants - Olivia Kozlowski, Mara Palena, Vera Calcagno, Maria Sbiti
  • Creative consultant - Johnny Blueeyes (OBRepresents)
  • Makeup artist - Pamela Cochrane (OBReperesents)
  • Makup assistant - Katie Nixon
  • Hair - Anna Cofone
  • Manicure - Mike Pockock (Streeters)
  • Digital capture - Edouard Malfettes (Digit Art)
  • Photo assistants - Antoni Ciufo, Antoine Breant
  • Coloring - Marc Ramos
  • Retouching - Imagin’ (Spring Studios, London)
  • Special thanks - Andy Silva, Kimberley Brown (Purple PR), Town Hall Hotel and Apartments
  1. Blouse by Louis Vuitton, mascara by Chanel (in Noir)
  2. Pants by Jil Sander, bra and earrings Lana's own
  3. Bodysuit and earrings by Prada, bra Lana's own
  4. Bodysuit by Dolce & Gabbana, earrings Lana's own

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