Jaguar Cars, known simply as Jaguar, is a British luxury and sports car manufacturer. It is headquartered in Whitley, Coventry, England.

F-Type campaignEdit

It was announced on August 22, 2012 that Lana Del Rey would be the face of the Jaguar F-Type sports car.

"The allure of Jaguar is in large part due to its dualits - a unigue blend of authenticity and modernity, two values that we believe are shared with Lana in her professional achievements."

- Adrian Hallmark, Jaguar's Global Brand Director

Lana Del Rey was photographed on September 26, 2012 to promote the car globally after a performance of "Video Games" & "Burning Desire" at the official launch of the F-Type at the Musee Rodin in Paris, France. A commercial was also shot featuring the promotional single "Burning Desire".

Photoshoot by Nicole Nodland (September 26, 2012)Edit


The Jaguar F-Type commercial features Del Rey's song "Burning Desire".

The all-new F-TYPE has arrived02:15

The all-new F-TYPE has arrived

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