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Lana Del Rey
Writer(s) Lana Del Rey
Producer(s) Unknown
Length 2:32
Young Like Me track listing

"In Wendy" is a song by Lana Del Rey. It is the fifth song on the EP Young Like Me.


Well, dark clouds, they'll subside for a while
And sit down, I can make my friends smile
I have lost a lot, but I'm sane, you know
And I'm calling you up just to say hello, so

Hi, my lovely, hi, my lovely
I am someone else
I did think I would live life alone
Do, do, do, do, mm

I was sure I was made out of stone
I have lost a lot but you helped me find
What was really real and some peace of mind.
And I'm awfully thankful and I am so grateful
I need no one else

Will you think of me when I am gone?
Mm, will you comfort me when I am wrong?

I have a lost a lot, but I'm feeling fine, 'cause I
Finally found out nothing's mine and I'm
Only human, I'm so human, I am nothing else
Mm, mm, mm, do, do, do, do

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