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Lana Del Rey (born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant) is from the family names Grant and Hill. Here is a genealogy of her family, including members of unknown relation.

Nuclear familyEdit


  • Paternal grandmother - Cynthia Grant
  • Paternal grandfather - Robert England Grant Sr.
  • Paternal granduncle - Richard Grant
  • Paternal uncle - David Grant Sr.
  • Paternal uncle - Jim Grant
  • Paternal cousin - David Grant Jr.
  • Paternal cousin-in law - Marya Grant
  • Paternal nieces and nephews
    • Noah Grant
    • Greta Grant
    • Azalea Grant
    • Judah Grant
  • Unknown relation or uncorfirmed
    • Tyler Grant
    • Christy Grant
    • Riley Grant
    • Casey Grant
    • Caitlin Grant
    • Meagan Grant
    • Lora Scantlebury-Grant
    • Heather King-Grant
    • Ted Grant
    • Calvin Grant
    • Molly Grant
    • Gabby Grant
    • Davlyn Grant


  • Maternal grandmother - Madeline McClean-Hill
  • Maternal grandfather - Donald P. Hill
  • Maternal aunt - Joan Hill-Dekoker
  • Maternal aunt - Sally Hill-Megear
  • Unknown relation
    • Aaron Hill
    • Lisa Bennet Hill
    • David Charles Hill
    • Kaylee Hill

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