Emile Haynie
Full name

Emile Haynie


July 13, 1980


Buffalo, New York


Lana Del Rey, Andrew Wyatt, Eminem, Father John Misty, Kid Cudi, Mark Ronson, Plain Pat, Sampha

Emile Haynie is an award winning hip-hop producer, who worked with Lana Del Rey on her debut major-label album Born to Die and her upcoming album, Lust for Life. He is perhaps most notable for his work on Eminem's album Recovery, for which he recieved the Grammy of Best Rap Album. Since he has worked with Kanye West, Fun. and Bruno Mars.

Work with Lana Del ReyEdit

Del Rey had described Haynie's work on Born to Die as "soundscaping". After tracks were produced, Haynie would apply samples and beats to them, which became a distinctive style in Del Rey's first major label album. Emile Haynie worked on every track included on the album, as well as the bonus tracks, except for "Video Games". Haynie has one writing credit on the track "Blue Jeans". He is soley responsible for the production of "Blue Jeans", "Lolita" and "Without You". On Paradise, Haynie also has writing credits for "American", and production credits on "Blue Velvet" and "Burning Desire". He was also an additional producer for "Gods & Monsters". While it was originally intended for Haynie to work on Ultraviolence, the reworking of the album by Dan Auerbach lead to his contributions being scrapped. One track originally intended for Ultraviolence, "Wait for Life", was later included on Haynie's own album We Fall. He is also one of the producers on Del Rey's upcoming album, Lust for Life


Songs from Born to Die (2012):

Songs from Paradise (2012):

Songs from Lust for Life (2017):

Songs from We Fall (2015):

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