Dan Addelson is a director, photographer, and editor who works with many companies to shoot and edit documentaries. Addelson worked with Lana Del Rey in 2012 to create an interview for Myspace. The video was shot on location at the Chateau Marmont and featured a cappella moments and interview questions relating to Del Rey's (at the time) upcoming album Born to Die.

Shoot #1 (December 8, 2011) Edit

Interview Edit

One-Two-Watch- Meet Lana Del Rey - Exclusive Interview03:22

One-Two-Watch- Meet Lana Del Rey - Exclusive Interview

The interview is currently posted to Myspace's YouTube channel. Addelson took photos during and after the interview, but, as far as we know, they were not used for any media or advertisement.

Credits Edit

  • Production company: SLAQR
  • Directed by: SLAQR
  • Creative Director: Monina Verano
  • Photographed by: Dan Addelson and Brett Wagner
  • Edited by: Monina Verano and Nick Pezzillo
  • Sound Mix: Brian Golub

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