Charlie Grant
Full name

Charles Hill-Grant


March 3, 1993 (age 24)


Lake Placid, New York


Robert Grant Jr. (father)
Patricia Grant (mother)
Lana Del Rey (sister)
Chuck Grant (sister)
Robert Grant Sr. (grandfather)
Cynthia Grant (grandmother)
Donald Hill (grandfather)
Madeline Hill (grandmother)

Charles "Charlie" Hill-Grant (born March 3, 1993, in Lake Placid, New York), is the younger brother of American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey and photographer Chuck Grant, and the son of Patricia Hill-Grant and Robert Grant.


Early lifeEdit

Charlie grew up with his sisters, Lana Del Rey (Elizabeth Grant), and Chuck Grant in Lake Placid, New York. His father, a web developer, and mother, an executive, had moved to Lake Placid from New York City before Chuck and Charlie were born. Del Rey was seven when Charlie was born, and Chuck was four.

Current lifeEdit

Like both his sisters, Charlie currently resides in California, United States. He was featured in the video for "Ride" in late 2012. He was also featured in the 2013 short film Tropico.

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