Bryan Adams is a Canadian rock singer, actor, and photographer who did a photoshoot with Lana Del Rey in February, 2012 in London, England. It was featured as the cover and editorial in Zoo Magazine in Summer, 2012. He photographed her again for D La Repubblica magazine.

Shoot #1 (February, 2012)Edit

  • Camera -P45+
  • Camera manufacturer - Phase One
  • Location - London, England
  • Stylist - Johnny Blueeyes
  • Makeup artist - Pamela Cochrane (OBReperesents)
  • Hair - Anna Cofone
  • Set design - Matthew Duguid (Jed Root, Inc.)
  • Photographer's assistants - Jay Clark, Jamie Gray
  • Digital technician - André Skjegstad
  • Digital imaging - Guillaume Dulermo
  1. All clothing by Armani, jewelry Lana's own

Media useEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

Lana Del Rey by Bryan Adams, London, February 201201:44

Lana Del Rey by Bryan Adams, London, February 2012

Shoot #2 (Unknown, 2012)Edit

Media use Edit


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