Anthony Shurmer is a director and photographer. He is the proprietor of Spring69 Production, and has worked with Lana Del Rey since 2011.

Work with Lana Del Rey Edit

December 8, 2011 Edit

Lana Del Rey talks about the making of the video for Video Games03:10

Lana Del Rey talks about the making of the video for Video Games

Anthony Shurmer directed an interview with Lana Del Rey as a promotional spot for Mulberry before her performance at the Chateau Marmont as part of their Mix Tape Tour. He directed and edited the film, which was shot by Martin Roach. He also took promotional pictures of Lana during the filming. The film was premiered on Mulberry's site the next day to promote their handbag, the Del Rey, based on Lana's style.

  • Camera - Unknown
  • Location - Chateau Marmont, Los Angeles, California
  1. Shirt by Burberry, shorts by unknown

Music videos Edit

Shurmer has directed both of the following music videos by Lana Del Rey.

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